Get Your Youth Back With Health Supplements For Men

I stumbled Upon a new site called Health Supplements For Men Today as I was searching for multi-vitamins and something new that I can get my energy back while at the same time get some of my strength back I had when I was younger.

The site started out asking if I had heard of a natural testosterone booster to help me regain my youth. Holy cow I thought to myself that is exactly what I’m looking what is the catch!!!!

So, I dug in a bit and figured out what testosterone could do for me.

supplementsSome of the benefits are increasing your libbdo which hey my wife won’t mind that, enhance your athletic ability, speed up recovery between workouts, burn fat faster and increase your lean body mass.

Dang that is exact what I want. I have serious trouble burning fat being over 38 now and my metabolism has slowed way down once I hit 30.  I would love to get rid of these love handles and see some of my abs again. I have done that since I was  in high school!

Some of the natural things you can do to increase you low t is to really what your diet, lifting weights naturally recruits your body to produce more testosterone, making sure you get enough sleep, managing your stress levels and other natural things I could handle doing. Some of which I’m already doing.

So, I still need that extra kick so I decide to look at the products they recommended.

They reviewed Ageless Male product. I have seen that on the TV and I know a few friends that have actually tried it. Ageless Male sounds pretty promising and I looked at the companies website and their were great testimonials about it.

The other one I looked at was Pro Testosterone Booster. It seemed like it was more geared to body builders and serious weight lifters which is honestly where I really want to go so it can help me train better to race on the bike.   They all offer pretty much the same thing so I plan on trying both products and see which one fits my life style the best.

What Are The Best Adjustable Dumbbells

In the current times, with the boost in situations of excessive weight, diabetes and various other associated lifestyle conditions, lots of people have actually been worried regarding being suited. That is why millions of people from around the world have been investing heavily in DVD workout programs and residence health clubs done in a bid to continue to be in shape and remain such diseases a bay. I would high recommend a website called Fitness Rocks as this helped me figure out more about which dumbbell to choose.

It is these advancements that have led to an increase in the demand for the Finest Adjustable Dumbbells across the round. Many physical fitness class that you would certainly find on the web or offline today advocate for using the adjustable dumbbells which is why they have come to be very well-liked in the previous few years. As you are strength training you definitely need to watch your protein in take and there are a those that are looking to gain weight and mass as well.

Certainly, the moment you have actually invested your cash in acquiring a physical fitness class, it is only good sense to relocate on and obtain the essential add-ons that will aid you carry out whatever you learn in those videos and class. The Finest Adjustable Dumbbells are the most favored in these programs and hence there is no chance you could just opt to ignore their importance.

When you are purchasing your dumbbells, there are particular basic features that you can not simply choose to overlook. Quality steel building is definitely the finest choice of a dumbbell.

The toughness and safety of the dumbbells is one the most crucial considerations to make. Purchasing the very best Adjustable Dumbbells does not always imply that you need to invest a bunch of cash. Products that provide you flawless solution are the most suitable selection.

Now one other thing that I would suggest is that Adjustable dumbbells work great for a p90x workout. A Majority of the workouts require them and you will need different weights for each of the exercises so I thought I would throw that in there to give you one more reason why you would want these.

Review Of Products For Hair Removal For Women

Are you looking for a good hair removal product that truly works? I found a website called Women’s Hair Removal that helped lead me to buying the Philips HP6401.
You need to consider the Philips HP6401 Epilator.

Philips HP6401 Epilator is stated as being actually one of the most well-loved epilators out there.

Here is what People love about the Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator:

Women's Hair Removal Products

1. It gets the hair out from the root
It gets rid of the hair all of the way by pulling it out from the roots.

2. It contains an efficiency cap that makes it possible for you to shave even the most delicate areas without soreness and discomfort.

3. Yet another Nice Aspect is that you can modify the settings for longer or shorter hair.
4. The handle is specially designed to make it easy to handle and use.
5. You can clean it without damaging it. Having he option to wash it makes for easy maintenance.  You can calibrate the epilator to cut in lengths between.05 to 1.5 cm. 7. You don’t have to stand in one place while shaving.  There is a 40 minute charge life on this epilator and takes 60 minutes to charge it fully.

With all these advantages what is there not to like about the HP6401 Epilator? Most likely not as this is the most liked model out there and is one of the top rated Epilators on the market. So, if you are like my wife who likes to workout out really early in the morning, she actually uses it after she gets done training and before she showers.  It allows her to squeeze it in quick before heading to work.  It’s not idea but it works. You can of course do this in the privacy of your own home as well just like you would normally shave.

3 Simple Dumbbell Exercises Help You Firm Up And Strengthen Your Chest Muscles

No matter what your current fitness level, you can and should work out with adjustable dumbbells. If you are just starting out and are in poor shape, you can even begin practicing your dumbbell exercises empty-handed or while holding something very light, such as a rubber ball.

This helps your muscles become accustomed to the motions you will follow when you begin your dumbbell exercises in earnest. Once you become more flexible and comfortable, you can add light dumbbells and continue to challenge yourself by adding more weight to your workout routines.

In this way, you can continue to gain benefit from dumbbell exercises as you become stronger and stronger.

Dumbbell exercises for the chest are all done in a reclining position, so they are very easy ones to start out with in the very beginning of your pursuit of fitness. Three classics are:

* Bench Press – Hold your weights at chest level with your palms facing the feet. Raise weights straight up, pause and lower the weights back to chest level.

* Lying Fly – With arms slightly bent, raise the dumbbells above your chest to meet in front of you. Lower them back to your sides keeping your arms slightly bent the whole time.

* Straight Arm Pullover – Hold one dumbbell above your chest in both hands. Slowly raise it up and back over your head. Bring it back to the front. Your arms should be almost straight throughout the exercise.

Do ten repetitions of each exercise. You can increase the number of sets as you become stronger, but it’s always best to do ten reps and then rest for a few seconds. Remember to breathe deeply and evenly while exercising.

I found a great site here called I would suggest checking it out for more review articles and expert information.

All of these exercises can be done on a adjustable weight bench like here; however, any firm surface will do. You can perform bench presses and the lying fly while reclining on the floor. For the straight arm pullover, you’ll need to be able to drop your arms behind your head, so if you do not have an exercise bench, you will need to lie on a firm bed or other firm, padded surface.

Buy Phen375 For Your Next Weight Loss Product

Weight Loss Product Buy Phen375Phen375 is with no doubt one of the most preferred fat burners in the market today to lose weight. In fact, research shows that millions of buyers from across the globe overlook other fat burners in the market just to reap the benefits offered by the use of this product. So, why are so many people opting to buy phen375 as opposed to other similar products in the market? Read on to learn more?


The first reason as to why many people now prefer to buy phen375 is that the product offers people who use it a pretty much extensive weight loss solution. Unlike the case is for other conventional pills, Phen375 tends to focus more on helping you lose weight in different variations including appetite suppression, calorie and fat burning, enhancement of metabolism and the elimination of excess glucose from the body system.


Secondly, most people prefer to make use of phen375 as a fat burner since is it is approved by the FDA. Again, it has passed a number of clinical studies; as such, it is suitable for human consumption. This simply means that, Phen375, unlike the other weight loss solutions is able to help you reduce your body weight faster and in a more effective manner. All of the ingredients incorporated in this product help in speeding up the whole process of weight loss to get in shape.

I know some of you love to lift weights and home to get in shape. There is nothing wrong with that and should consider using a supplement like this to help speed up your metabolism to burn more fat and tone up. It could only enhance your strength training workouts.

If you take some time to do your searches on the internet, you will come across a wide range of praises and testimonials coming from people who have already used this product and seen the results. These positive reviews are again another major reason as to why many people love to buy phen375 as opposed to other conventional weight loss pills.

As much as Phen375 is highly preferred by many people, no independent study conducted can claim that it is the best weight loss product in the market today. It might be suitable to some people but definitely not all.

Stay Healthy With An Awesome Electric Shaver

On top of eating right, working out keeping healthy as a man you can’t over look a nice clean shave to top it all off.

Men who wear a bald head as a type should be sure that these guys are actually consistently cutting to make sure that these guys do not possess the look of bristle. This may be a daily or even frequent factor, and also need to be handled utilizing the right equipment. Individuals that shave will certainly prefer to use an electric shaver in purchase to make certain these guys are actually getting incredibly close as well as creating the many of that. There are a handful of brands of Electric Shavers For Bald Heads that individuals will discover useful. When it comes to individuals looking for shavers for men, with the greatest functions available, you can not fail with any sort of, however the Panasonic model is actually terrific.

Best Electric RazorThis Panasonic style has a head that pivots at several angles in purchase in order to make it possible for a person to shave their head, face and underneath their mouth. It also enables the blade browse through fit different curves of the mind, which consequently, enables a closer, cleaner cut.

The motor of the Panasonic utilizes a pattern of 14,000 per min, meanings that customers may obtain closer with their cut and also deal with even the finest, most little hairs. This shaver additionally has elements like an automatic maid mode and the capacity in order to shave either a completely dry or perhaps damp head. Using this shaver, you’ll acquire a perhaps even cut with some contacts of advantage that produce it all valuable as well as hassle-free.
This shaver takes concerning a hr to ask for and may be utilized when it comes to around 45 mins each time. This permits ample time in order to cut one’s head on a regular basis, for a cool type that is actually orderly, pleasing and also generated easily.

Another shaver you could consider is the smart eagle pro. This is an electric shaver designed for bald men that have a rotary shaver head that can be held in your hand. This makes it so much more convenient to have your head than ever before. It also comes with a stand to sit it on and a travel case. Finally a shaver dedicated to bald dudes! You can find more detail here in this head shaver review here: shaving options to shave your head at shaver information for men’s website.

Safe Beneficial Pregnancy Workouts At Home

pregnancyworkoutplanThere are many experts that will agree that whenever you are expecting, it is important that you are able to keep moving. Through a variety of studies, it has shown that women who are pregnant that take the time to exercise will have a whole lot more energy, less back pain and even the ability to get back to their pre-pregnancy shape a lot quicker after they deliver. If you are looking at different ways that you can stay active and in shape while you are pregnant, you should know that there are great workouts that you can even done right from the comfort of your own home, without the need for a pricey gym membership.

Even if you are not pregnant, it is a commonly known fact that walking is tremendously beneficial. Not only does it work your muscles but it does amazing things for your heart and lungs. If you have the space to do it in, think about incorporating a walk into your daily routine. As a pregnant woman, this motion of walking is also wonderful for the baby. Many pediatricians and OB/GYNs will tell you that the fetus loves the movement caused by a brisk walk, which often lull them to sleep in the womb.

Depending on what you have to work with at home, you can do a number of beneficial exercises and stretches while pregnant. If you have a stair climber or stationary bike, think about using them a little bit each day on a mild or low setting. This will help you to work your muscles and keep moving so that you can keep up your physique and stay in shape all the way throughout your pregnancy. Once the baby is born, you will be glad that you took the initiative to stay active, even if it meant doing your pregnancy workouts at home from time to time.

Tips For Shaving Your Head

The decision of switching from your current hairstyle to shaving your head isn’t an easy one. However, many men who notice massive hair falling out decide to put an end to this nightmare, and go completely bald. Most of them go to their barber to get shaved, but there are some guys who insist on doing it by themselves. This article is going to offer them a few tips to help them enjoy a smooth transition. If you are totally wanting to go with the bald look you have two options to do this with. One is with a regular disposable razor or find out what the best electric shaver for your head is and use that. We will be covering the cheapest way which is with a regular razor.

1. Start by cutting your hair short. Shaving your head is much easier if your hair is very short already. This is why you have to go through this intermediary stage, and trim your hair really short. A good set of clippers should do the trick just fine.

2. Do the razor work in the shower. By taking a long shower prior to shaving your head, you allow your scalp to become soft and very pliable, thus being much easier to shave without unwanted incidents.

3. Use shaving cream. Ideally, you should get a product made for sensitive skin, as it can help you prevent irritation. The smoother the cream, the better, so try to get a really good one, especially if this is your first attempt at shaving your head.

4. Work with a mirror and don’t rush. As the scalp has lots of curves and bumps, it won’t always conform to the razor, so you need to be extremely careful. Work your way through the hair slowly and surely, watching your progress with the help of the mirror. You shouldn’t rush, as you risk to injure your scalp, if you do a wrong move. In time, you are going to gain a better control on the razor, but as a novice you have to try finding the most comfortable way of doing it.

5. Use a new razor. Dull razors can hurt the skin, so you should never use them to shave your head. You should always buy a brand new razor, preferably a multi-blade one, each time you repeat the shaving. New blades allow for a closer shave and they require less passes than old ones. This is why, in case you decide to ask your barber to shave your head, you should make sure he also uses a new multi-blade razor.

These are the best five tips for shaving your head. By following them, you can achieve the desired result without hurting yourself and without getting your scalp irritated. Nonetheless, you also have to make sure you moisturize your scalp right after shaving, as it would help soothe your skin and prevent irritations.

Last but not least, always remember to protect your head from the sun. The hair offers a very good protection, but in its absence, you risk to get severe sunburns. You should wear either a hat or a minimum 30 SPF every day, during the sunny season. If you follow these tips, you are going to enjoy your new style, as it might make you look more manly.

The 5 Best Nitric Oxide Supplements

PUMP-BR-extremeNitric Oxide supplements are a staple for athletes and bodybuilders. They help to increase blood flow, which in turn enhances the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to your muscles. This leads to an unbelievable pump, muscle growth, and better endurance. All Nitric Oxide supplements work but some are better than others.

The following are the top 5 Nitric Oxide supplements

1. ProMera Sports Pump Extrem

This advanced nitric oxide supplement from ProMera Sports supports strength, energy, and pump. It enhances muscle endurance for intense workouts, enhances nitric oxide production, and promotes laser sharp focus every single time. Taking this supplement allows you to work at a higher capacity for longer.

2. LeCheek Nutrition Pump X3

The Pump X3 formula from LeCheek Nutrition provides a potent nitric oxide boosting supplement. It is designed to increase strength, hydrate the body, and enhance muscle pumps. The supplement provides an electrolyte and strength matrix with no stimulants and delivers crazy vascular pumps without the stomach cramps, headaches, or jitters. Its key ingredients include Betaine Anhydrous, Creatine HCI, and Agmatine Sulfate and this blend enhanced muscle volume with each training session.

3. Gym Vixen Sexy Charged

This pre-workout supplement is specifically designed for women. Sexy Charge contains a formula that boosts energy through workouts while increasing strength and shedding body fat. It also contains nitric oxide boosters along with vasodilators that help you attain the much coveted workout ‘pump’ while still delivering oxygen and nutrients to the muscles for healthy growth. This supplement is the solution for all female athletes looking to enhance their workout.

4. Universal Nutrition Animal Pump

This high octane performance supplement is engineered to help power you through your limitation as well as plateaus through enhanced nitric oxide production. You will also get a shocking Energy Rush Complex, a fusion of swelling No Blast Complex, potent cell volumizers, and an immune-support antioxidant blend. Animal pump is simply a comprehensive and complete nitric oxide supplement.

5. Transparent Labs PreSeries Bulk

Transparent Labs’ PreSeries Bulk is an excellent choice for hardcore athletes that would like to enhance their workouts and improve the ability of their bodies to build muscle mass. The supplement is designed to intensify focus, enhance muscle pump, dramatically improve overall sports performance, and reduce muscle fatigue.

In conclusion, this article has looked at the top rated nitric oxide supplements in the market today. Make your selection and buy the supplement that will meet your workout needs.

At-Home Fitness: CAP Barbell Deluxe Utility Weight Bench

capbarbell-benchFitness should be a priority for everyone. Regular exercise helps us look our best and, more importantly, protects our health and well-being. Although there is nothing wrong with working out at a gym, how many of us have the extra free time to make regular trips to the gym a reality? The solution is to concentrate on exercising at home instead. By adding a few basic pieces of fitness equipment to your home, you can enjoy the freedom of being able to get in a great workout whenever you like, without enduring the hassle of trekking off to the gym.

The first and most important piece of workout equipment you need for your home gym is a basic weightlifting bench at Regular, progressive strength training is the key to building and shaping your muscles and looking your best. Because a weightlifting bench is such a crucial piece of equipment, it’s important that the bench you purchase is of the highest quality. I recommend the CAP Barbell deluxe utility weight bench. It is very sturdily constructed and built to last, and it has all of the training features you need to get an amazing strength training workout in the comfort of your own home.

The CAP Barbell deluxe utility weight bench is fully adjustable and features four positions, allowing you to alter the height of the bench to perform flat, incline and decline presses. This is very useful because pressing from different angles targets different muscles. In comparison to flat presses, incline presses place more stress on the upper chest and shoulders, while decline presses target the lower chest.

The bench is ideal for dumbbell pressing exercises as is, and you can pair it with a bench press rack if you are interested in performing barbell bench presses.

In addition to fully working your chest muscles, the CAP Barbell deluxe utility weight bench is a great piece of equipment to use to really blast your abdominals and get that six-pack you have always wanted. The bench allows you to comfortably perform crunches and reverse crunches, and it includes foam grips to hold on to when executing reverse crunches. Remember, standard crunches tend to focus on the upper abdominals, while reverse crunches focus more on the lower abs.

The CAP Barbell deluxe bench has a number of extra features that set it apart from other adjustable benches. It includes a pair of dumbbell storage hooks to conveniently store lighter dumbbells out of the way, as well as two-tone box stitched padding and covered foam rollers for increased comfort during your workouts.

The bench has a maximum recommended user weight capacity of 250 pounds, so individuals over 250 pounds should look for a different bench.

Don’t make excuses. No matter how busy you are, you can find time to get in a quick workout at home. The CAP Barbell deluxe utility weight bench is a useful piece of workout equipment that allows you to train your chest, shoulders, triceps and abs to get in shape.

Cross 101 Weighted Vest – Your Ultimate Review

Cross 101 Weighted VestIf you’re looking for a quality weighted vest, then look no further than the Cross 101 adjustable weighted vest. In this review, we’re going to take a closer look at the key features of this vest, so you’ll soon understand why it’s currently one of the best options on the market. With this in mind, let’s get straight to it.

First of all, the most popular vest created by Cross 101 is the 40 lb vest, which comes with 10 x 4 iron weights. Of course, this gives you excellent versatility, because you can quickly and easily adjust the vest to your preferred weight – and the 4 lb increments certainly give you a great deal of control over the amount of weight you’re going to be carrying.

The vest is also extraordinarily comfortable – which is a crucial consideration – especially when you’re going to be loading the vest up with the full 40 lb. Fortunately, the ‘one piece’ design is very tough and hard wearing, while allowing you to attach a simple belt for added security. While you’re wearing the vest, it definitely feels very safe and secure, so you’ll be confident enough to use this during your toughest training sessions.

The vest is also designed as ‘one size fits all’, which makes it very easy to wear – and very little adjustment will be required due to the unique design style. Of course, this makes it an excellent option for people who are planning to share their weighted vest with a training partner.

Finally, the construction quality of the vest is very high indeed – and it also comes with a generous manufacturer warranty for added peace of mind. Many reviewers comment on the general sturdiness of the vest, so it’s a popular choice with people who are looking to buy something that will last them a long time.

The reviews scores are very positive – with an average review score of 4.4 out of 5.0 on Amazon at the time of writing. Interestingly, out of the almost 200 people who have reviewed this item, a full 55% of them issued the full 5 stars – so it’s easily one of the top rated reviewed weighted vests currently on the market.

It’s also priced very reasonably – with a list price of just $109 – but it’s quite possible to pick this up online for around $60 from popular online retailers such as Amazon.


Overall, it’s safe to say the Cross 101 adjustable weighted vest is a great buy for anyone who’s looking to add some real intensity to their workouts. By strapping 40 lbs to your body, you’re certainly going to feel the burn – and it’s incredible comfort and versatility make it perfectly suited for a variety of training methods.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a high quality adjustable weighted vest that will last for a very long time and will never let you down, you can’t go wrong by giving this vest a try – you certainly won’t be disappointed.

What Cyclist Use For Their Workouts

Garmin Edge 500 Cycling GPS Review

If you are a cycling enthusiast or you have one in your family then the Garmin Edge 500 Cycling GPS is just the thing to get. The Garmin Edge 500 Cycling GPS is lightweight so that it doesn’t make it difficult to operate your bike or doesn’t make your bike too heavy. It’s a GPS based device that has the ability to track your speed, location, the elevation that you are traveling, and your distance. It also has a built in ANT+ heart rate monitor so that you can keep track of your heart rate while you are cycling and it also keeps track of your speed cadence.

The Benefits

The Garmin Edge 500 GPS is easy to mount on any bike, all you have to do is mount it on the stem or handlebar of your, make a quick and easy turn and it’s mounted. Once it is mounted just power on the device and ride. Once it is on the GPS receiver has a Hotfix satellite built in it so that it can locate your location quickly and accurately.

It monitors your speed, distance, times, calories burned, altitude, climb and descent and don’t worry about memorizing all this information because the Garmin Edge 500 records all your data for you so that you can review it later. It also has a built in barometric altimeter to keep track of changes in elevation. Your Garmin is equipped with the ANT+ which can monitor and display your power output in watts while you ride.

It also has a digital heart rate monitor to keep track of your heart rate and it also has a speed sensor to keep track of how fast you are going.
Once your ride is over you can connect your GPS to your computer by using the USB cable that comes with it so that you can get on Garmin Connect to review your performance and share with other cyclist around the world.
Depending on what version of Garmin Edge GPS that you decide to purchase the items in your box will vary. For this version you will get your Garmin Edge GPS Cycling, a bike mount, AC charger, a USB cable, and a Quickstart Guide.

In conclusion, this is the perfect device any cycling enthusiast whether they are a pro or just starting out. It has a lot of good features that help with courses. You can find more gps odometer reviews here.

What To Bring In Your Gym Bag

I’workoutbagm an earlier riser and busy with a ton of kid activity after work each day, so the only way I found to get my workout completed successfully is to do it in the morning.

It’s requires discipline to get up that early and you have to make sure you force yourself to get to sleep at a decent time or it will never work. I wanted to pass along a few tips and tricks about what I do to make this all work.


Tip 1:

Get a workout bag that is large enough to hold all your dress clothes for workout. You also should have plenty of compartments or  pockets in it so you can store your deodorant, toothpaste and various other items. I actually buy an extra set and just leave it in there so I don’t have to pack them each day.  The other feature that I look for in a workout bag is that it has a compartment for wet towels. This is usually on the bottom of the bag or a special compartment for it on the outside.

Tip2: I keep out my shaving supplies in there as well. I keep  my merkur 35 long handle in there which I think is one of the best safety razors along with doubled edge razor blades to go with it. I don’t carry soap or a brush. It’s a pain in the butt to use at the gym so I used a shaving gel instead.

Tip 3: I store an extra pair of shorts and dry-fit t-shirt in there. It always happens to me once a month where I totally forget to pack a shirt or shorts to workout in and I ended up having to go back home to get them or just shower up and go into workout early missing my workout.


Anyways, just a quick note about what I do to make working out in the morning as painless as possible. Let’s get out there and get some now!

Weight Lifting Straps

Rex's Grip WebsiteAs I started my latest at home workout program Body Beast by beachbody, I found myself doing a lot of free weights.
I just love this workout because it is taking the old school mentality of bodybuilding by using dumbbells and free weights that worked!
It then adds in the new science of bodybuilding that has developed over the years to really create effect workouts that are result driven. The workouts are generally 50 minutes or less too so I can easily fit these workouts in my daily schedule without interrupting the kid schedule at home or my finance getting frustrated with me from spending too much time at the gym. 🙂

Some of the common exercises are flat bench, incline bench, shoulder shrugs, tricep kick backs, hammer curls and burpees with dumbbells! What I found is that as I get up into the heavier weights I was actually wearing out holding the dumbbells and not being able to focus on the muscle group that the exercise was intended for.

So, I remembered I had bought some weight lifting straps from Rex’s Grip Website. Man using these things were a life saver. You can securely grip the dumbbells first of all. It also saved me from wearing out doing my exercises. So for tricep kickbacks I actually was able to hold a heavier weight which I always knew I could do because the strap helped me grip the weight and I was not using extra muscles to do it. It really helped me get more reps in and punish my triceps like I wanted to where before I couldn’t handle it.
With that said just a quick note I wanted to get out there for anyone using free weights in the gym. If you are struggling with doing more reps with heavier weight I would high suggest getting a weight lifting strap like rex’s grips.

Our Trx Xmount Review

How To Use TRX ?

X Mount To Train Just About Anywhere If you are into fitness, you probably know and use suspension training. Such workouts can help you strengthen your core, increase your flexibility and build strength in a steady and healthy way.

TRX X-Mount is the small detail that can make a big difference. It is just a little piece of metal that serves as a door anchor for the TRX suspension trainer straps.

Details like this allow you to create your own home gym and enjoy total fitness programs without having to pay expensive memberships or personal trainers. Even if you usually go to the gym and you are fine with that, maybe you want to train during your travels or vacations.

There are gyms pretty much everywhere, but why not have your “personal gym” with you, find a solid door and start exercising within minutes?The biggest problem with suspension training aren’t the straps, but a solid anchor point to withstand your weight without collapsing.

The TRX X-Mount is a solid and discreet solution that can enable you do your training even in conditions when the most solid point available is a narrow door frame.TRX X-Mount is only 4.5″ in diameter, it is made from high quality steel and it fits all TRX Suspension Trainer models, so if you didn’t buy it as part of the original kit, you can safely get it later on.

The mount comes with two wood stud lag bolts included, as well as two washers and detailed installation instructions. You can attach it to door frames, overhead beams, vertical studs or even to the walls. It offers a very secure anchor point, but it is advisable that you get professional installation in order to make sure it’s going to resist.

If you are new to this kind of training, you should know that it draws its origins from the U.S. Navy Seals. It is an innovative training method that allows you to perform a wide array of body weight exercise routines in safety and without needing expensive gym equipment. You can keep fit even if you haven’t stepped in a gym in your entire life.

This training kit is perfect even for small rooms, as it only requires a good suspension point and a little space for you to be able to execute the exercise routines.

Thanks to a small piece like the TRX X-Mount, you can train without risking any injuries.

If  You Like Our Trx Xmount Review, then visit to our main website for more reviews.