At-Home Fitness: CAP Barbell Deluxe Utility Weight Bench

capbarbell-benchFitness should be a priority for everyone. Regular exercise helps us look our best and, more importantly, protects our health and well-being. Although there is nothing wrong with working out at a gym, how many of us have the extra free time to make regular trips to the gym a reality? The solution is to concentrate on exercising at home instead. By adding a few basic pieces of fitness equipment to your home, you can enjoy the freedom of being able to get in a great workout whenever you like, without enduring the hassle of trekking off to the gym.

The first and most important piece of workout equipment you need for your home gym is a basic weightlifting bench at Regular, progressive strength training is the key to building and shaping your muscles and looking your best. Because a weightlifting bench is such a crucial piece of equipment, it’s important that the bench you purchase is of the highest quality. I recommend the CAP Barbell deluxe utility weight bench. It is very sturdily constructed and built to last, and it has all of the training features you need to get an amazing strength training workout in the comfort of your own home.

The CAP Barbell deluxe utility weight bench is fully adjustable and features four positions, allowing you to alter the height of the bench to perform flat, incline and decline presses. This is very useful because pressing from different angles targets different muscles. In comparison to flat presses, incline presses place more stress on the upper chest and shoulders, while decline presses target the lower chest.

The bench is ideal for dumbbell pressing exercises as is, and you can pair it with a bench press rack if you are interested in performing barbell bench presses.

In addition to fully working your chest muscles, the CAP Barbell deluxe utility weight bench is a great piece of equipment to use to really blast your abdominals and get that six-pack you have always wanted. The bench allows you to comfortably perform crunches and reverse crunches, and it includes foam grips to hold on to when executing reverse crunches. Remember, standard crunches tend to focus on the upper abdominals, while reverse crunches focus more on the lower abs.

The CAP Barbell deluxe bench has a number of extra features that set it apart from other adjustable benches. It includes a pair of dumbbell storage hooks to conveniently store lighter dumbbells out of the way, as well as two-tone box stitched padding and covered foam rollers for increased comfort during your workouts.

The bench has a maximum recommended user weight capacity of 250 pounds, so individuals over 250 pounds should look for a different bench.

Don’t make excuses. No matter how busy you are, you can find time to get in a quick workout at home. The CAP Barbell deluxe utility weight bench is a useful piece of workout equipment that allows you to train your chest, shoulders, triceps and abs to get in shape.