Our Trx Xmount Review

How To Use TRX ?

X Mount To Train Just About Anywhere If you are into fitness, you probably know and use suspension training. Such workouts can help you strengthen your core, increase your flexibility and build strength in a steady and healthy way.

TRX X-Mount is the small detail that can make a big difference. It is just a little piece of metal that serves as a door anchor for the TRX suspension trainer straps.

Details like this allow you to create your own home gym and enjoy total fitness programs without having to pay expensive memberships or personal trainers. Even if you usually go to the gym and you are fine with that, maybe you want to train during your travels or vacations.

There are gyms pretty much everywhere, but why not have your “personal gym” with you, find a solid door and start exercising within minutes?The biggest problem with suspension training aren’t the straps, but a solid anchor point to withstand your weight without collapsing.

The TRX X-Mount is a solid and discreet solution that can enable you do your training even in conditions when the most solid point available is a narrow door frame.TRX X-Mount is only 4.5″ in diameter, it is made from high quality steel and it fits all TRX Suspension Trainer models, so if you didn’t buy it as part of the original kit, you can safely get it later on.

The mount comes with two wood stud lag bolts included, as well as two washers and detailed installation instructions. You can attach it to door frames, overhead beams, vertical studs or even to the walls. It offers a very secure anchor point, but it is advisable that you get professional installation in order to make sure it’s going to resist.

If you are new to this kind of training, you should know that it draws its origins from the U.S. Navy Seals. It is an innovative training method that allows you to perform a wide array of body weight exercise routines in safety and without needing expensive gym equipment. You can keep fit even if you haven’t stepped in a gym in your entire life.

This training kit is perfect even for small rooms, as it only requires a good suspension point and a little space for you to be able to execute the exercise routines.

Thanks to a small piece like the TRX X-Mount, you can train without risking any injuries.

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