Tips For Shaving Your Head

The decision of switching from your current hairstyle to shaving your head isn’t an easy one. However, many men who notice massive hair falling out decide to put an end to this nightmare, and go completely bald. Most of them go to their barber to get shaved, but there are some guys who insist on doing it by themselves. This article is going to offer them a few tips to help them enjoy a smooth transition. If you are totally wanting to go with the bald look you have two options to do this with. One is with a regular disposable razor or find out what the best electric shaver for your head is and use that. We will be covering the cheapest way which is with a regular razor.

1. Start by cutting your hair short. Shaving your head is much easier if your hair is very short already. This is why you have to go through this intermediary stage, and trim your hair really short. A good set of clippers should do the trick just fine.

2. Do the razor work in the shower. By taking a long shower prior to shaving your head, you allow your scalp to become soft and very pliable, thus being much easier to shave without unwanted incidents.

3. Use shaving cream. Ideally, you should get a product made for sensitive skin, as it can help you prevent irritation. The smoother the cream, the better, so try to get a really good one, especially if this is your first attempt at shaving your head.

4. Work with a mirror and don’t rush. As the scalp has lots of curves and bumps, it won’t always conform to the razor, so you need to be extremely careful. Work your way through the hair slowly and surely, watching your progress with the help of the mirror. You shouldn’t rush, as you risk to injure your scalp, if you do a wrong move. In time, you are going to gain a better control on the razor, but as a novice you have to try finding the most comfortable way of doing it.

5. Use a new razor. Dull razors can hurt the skin, so you should never use them to shave your head. You should always buy a brand new razor, preferably a multi-blade one, each time you repeat the shaving. New blades allow for a closer shave and they require less passes than old ones. This is why, in case you decide to ask your barber to shave your head, you should make sure he also uses a new multi-blade razor.

These are the best five tips for shaving your head. By following them, you can achieve the desired result without hurting yourself and without getting your scalp irritated. Nonetheless, you also have to make sure you moisturize your scalp right after shaving, as it would help soothe your skin and prevent irritations.

Last but not least, always remember to protect your head from the sun. The hair offers a very good protection, but in its absence, you risk to get severe sunburns. You should wear either a hat or a minimum 30 SPF every day, during the sunny season. If you follow these tips, you are going to enjoy your new style, as it might make you look more manly.