Weight Lifting Straps

Rex's Grip WebsiteAs I started my latest at home workout program Body Beast by beachbody, I found myself doing a lot of free weights.
I just love this workout because it is taking the old school mentality of bodybuilding by using dumbbells and free weights that worked!
It then adds in the new science of bodybuilding that has developed over the years to really create effect workouts that are result driven. The workouts are generally 50 minutes or less too so I can easily fit these workouts in my daily schedule without interrupting the kid schedule at home or my finance getting frustrated with me from spending too much time at the gym. 🙂

Some of the common exercises are flat bench, incline bench, shoulder shrugs, tricep kick backs, hammer curls and burpees with dumbbells! What I found is that as I get up into the heavier weights I was actually wearing out holding the dumbbells and not being able to focus on the muscle group that the exercise was intended for.

So, I remembered I had bought some weight lifting straps from Rex’s Grip Website. Man using these things were a life saver. You can securely grip the dumbbells first of all. It also saved me from wearing out doing my exercises. So for tricep kickbacks I actually was able to hold a heavier weight which I always knew I could do because the strap helped me grip the weight and I was not using extra muscles to do it. It really helped me get more reps in and punish my triceps like I wanted to where before I couldn’t handle it.
With that said just a quick note I wanted to get out there for anyone using free weights in the gym. If you are struggling with doing more reps with heavier weight I would high suggest getting a weight lifting strap like rex’s grips.