What To Bring In Your Gym Bag

I’workoutbagm an earlier riser and busy with a ton of kid activity after work each day, so the only way I found to get my workout completed successfully is to do it in the morning.

It’s requires discipline to get up that early and you have to make sure you force yourself to get to sleep at a decent time or it will never work. I wanted to pass along a few tips and tricks about what I do to make this all work.


Tip 1:

Get a workout bag that is large enough to hold all your dress clothes for workout. You also should have plenty of compartments or  pockets in it so you can store your deodorant, toothpaste and various other items. I actually buy an extra set and just leave it in there so I don’t have to pack them each day.  The other feature that I look for in a workout bag is that it has a compartment for wet towels. This is usually on the bottom of the bag or a special compartment for it on the outside.

Tip2: I keep out my shaving supplies in there as well. I keep  my merkur 35 long handle in there which I think is one of the best safety razors along with doubled edge razor blades to go with it. I don’t carry soap or a brush. It’s a pain in the butt to use at the gym so I used a shaving gel instead.

Tip 3: I store an extra pair of shorts and dry-fit t-shirt in there. It always happens to me once a month where I totally forget to pack a shirt or shorts to workout in and I ended up having to go back home to get them or just shower up and go into workout early missing my workout.


Anyways, just a quick note about what I do to make working out in the morning as painless as possible. Let’s get out there and get some now!