3 Simple Dumbbell Exercises Help You Firm Up And Strengthen Your Chest Muscles

No matter what your current fitness level, you can and should work out with adjustable dumbbells. If you are just starting out and are in poor shape, you can even begin practicing your dumbbell exercises empty-handed or while holding something very light, such as a rubber ball.

This helps your muscles become accustomed to the motions you will follow when you begin your dumbbell exercises in earnest. Once you become more flexible and comfortable, you can add light dumbbells and continue to challenge yourself by adding more weight to your workout routines.

In this way, you can continue to gain benefit from dumbbell exercises as you become stronger and stronger.

Dumbbell exercises for the chest are all done in a reclining position, so they are very easy ones to start out with in the very beginning of your pursuit of fitness. Three classics are:

* Bench Press – Hold your weights at chest level with your palms facing the feet. Raise weights straight up, pause and lower the weights back to chest level.

* Lying Fly – With arms slightly bent, raise the dumbbells above your chest to meet in front of you. Lower them back to your sides keeping your arms slightly bent the whole time.

* Straight Arm Pullover – Hold one dumbbell above your chest in both hands. Slowly raise it up and back over your head. Bring it back to the front. Your arms should be almost straight throughout the exercise.

Do ten repetitions of each exercise. You can increase the number of sets as you become stronger, but it’s always best to do ten reps and then rest for a few seconds. Remember to breathe deeply and evenly while exercising.

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All of these exercises can be done on a adjustable weight bench like here; however, any firm surface will do. You can perform bench presses and the lying fly while reclining on the floor. For the straight arm pullover, you’ll need to be able to drop your arms behind your head, so if you do not have an exercise bench, you will need to lie on a firm bed or other firm, padded surface.